how to earn 50$ in sharecash with my easy method!!!!!

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how to earn 50$ in sharecash with my easy method!!!!!

Bài gửi by lilafutu on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:23 am

hi guys today i'm gonna show you how to earn 50$ or more in sharecash , but the method need you to invest only 5$ so if you are interested so :

sir first i want to tell you that you have to register under me because this method needs a new account so i insure that you will make a lot of money if you are agree so this is the link :

so we will use a microjobs website and i advise you with this website (link ) you will register

and you deposit the 5 $ to begin

then you creat a job

then you fill it with this instruction

if your job didn't accepted so try to write another title and i advise to put 0.3$ as the worker money and try to focus on the europpeen countries , usa , uk , canada .
after that every single person who complet his job you must pay him
and like that you will earn 50$ or more if you invest more money thx


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